Thursday, December 30, 2010

Miyazaki Station

Original Miyazaki Station January 1914

I wish to thank the station master at Miyazaki Station for having JR Kyushu email me this picture.  The station opened December 1913 and was destroyed in bombing during WWII.  People used to picnic on the massive grounds and Miyazaki's festivals during the year took place there.  Miyazaki is the largest station in the prefecture and is the main station to travel to Kagoshima, Nobeoka, Nichinan, and Oita.
The station was rebuilt in 1946 and was extensively remodeled in 1967 and in 1993.  The rebuilt station's entry was lined with over 50 haniwa, and two are still in the central garden in the bus round-about.  Miyazaki's first Mister Donuts and KFC opened in the station in 1976.

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