Monday, December 27, 2010

Kono Elected New Miyazaki Governor

From the Japan Times
Former Miyazaki Vice Gov. Shunji Kono has defeated his three opponents and will succeed Hideo Higashikokubaru as governor of Miyazaki Prefecture.

Kono, 46, who has said he would continue Higashikokubaru's policies, gained considerable support for the election, including from agricultural cooperatives.

Higashikokubaru has decided to step down after only one term in office. He plans to seek office in national politics to "give greater help to Miyazaki than I could as governor".

Kono ran as an independent but was supported by the ruling Democratic Party of Japan and the main opposition force, the Liberal Democratic Party, as well as New Komeito.

Kono ran against strawberry farm operator Daizen Miyamoto, 39, and former prefectural official Shoichi Chuman, 64, both independents, and Tadakatsu Tsushima, 65, of the Japanese Communist Party.

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