Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Land of Gods

Miyazaki Prefecture was once known as Hyuga (日向). It was in this land that prehistoric people hunted the abundance of deer and pheasant and the myths of Shinto developed.
The ancient Kumaso people fought the Yamato for their survival, and the clash of samurai blades between the Ito (伊東) and Shimazu (島津) changed the balance of power during the Sengoku Period.
The boundaries were changed during the Tokugawa Shogunate dividing Hyuga into four domains. Each with an ornate castle that demonstrated the daimyo's power and influence. Then during the Meiji Reformation all boundaries were changed several times until present day Miyazaki Prefecture was designated.
Today, Miyazaki boasts a variety of agriculture including beef, pork, chicken, eggs, mango, tobacco, rice, and corn. Miyazaki also is home to the largest solar energy research fascility and Boston Scientific and Showa Shell also have scientific research fascilities.
Miyazaki Medical University contains one of the top Oncology research hospitals not only in Kyushu, but Japan as well.
Miyazaki is still a top tourist destination for domestic and international travelers. The natural beauty and abundant agriculture show why generations of samurai battled for this land of gods.

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